Paragliding off Signal Hill …

And now for something completely (…) stunning!

No, you haven’t lived until you have done a paraglide off Signal Hill. Signal Hill is on the Western side of Table Mountain; i.e. the ‘rump of the Lion’ behind Lion’s head.

Can there be anything more awesome. Don’t think so. If this does not shake you and move you, nothing probably will! So, here’s a short gallery with some pictures of Mel’s recent flight.


Taking off from the launch site at the Northern end of Signal Hill for a tandem flight. Far below is Sea Point and the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Mel’s at the front looking at the camera and the professional is at the back.


In the air! As an activity paragliding rates right up there with anything. Doing it at a site like Signal Hill just amplifies the awesomeness! To the right of the picture is Robben Island and the Cape Town City Centre is off the picture and further to the right. Table Mountain is right behind the photographer. So, there are a full 360 degrees of incredible vistas, with the vast skies above and Sea Point below; A truly full-3D-experience!

When the conditions are right, a top-landing is possible. This is what Mel just did here. To the left, part of Table Mountain can be seen and to the right is Lion’s Head.

Wow! You’re missing out …